The Playhouse Theatre, Preston

Great amateur theatre, right in the heart of Preston



A comedy by Frank Vickery, directed by Janet Dawson


5th to 8th April 2017


Question What do you do when you can't get a part in any production by any of the local amateur musical societies for miles around?


Answer Get together with the other ambitious misfits and put on your own musical. The fact that your meagre talent is vastly overshadowed by your incompetence need not be a barrier. Self-belief is all.


And so, to this hilarious tale of overweening ambition, romance, petty jealousy and threats. In other words, the background travails of the latest local amateur production of 'Annie'. When 'Annie' and her understudy are struck down with measles, even this group of talentedly challenged thespians find themselves thinking the unthinkable.


Laugh at the adventures of possibly the worst amateur theatrical company ever, as they stagger towards the greatest challenge of their musical lives. Witness their slow decline into the biggest theatrical disaster of all time. Laugh yourself as silly as they are.


{NOTE: Any resemblance to any society within 500 miles of Preston, living or dead, is purely coincidental. No small animals were harmed in the making of this production.}


Please note - this show contains some swearing and may not be suitable for children




Mark Kendall

Rose/Lilly St Regis

Debbie Taylor


Dominic Dwyer

Babs/Grace Farrell

Bethany Flanagan

Joyce/Miss Hanigan

Liz Procter


Carole Caine

Hayden/Daddy Warbucks

Paul Sylvester


Stella Judson

Gary/Stage Manager

Allan Green



Ticket prices Wednesday £8 & £7, Thursday to Saturday £9 & £8


All evening performances begin at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) unless otherwise stated.


Free parking is available for patrons on the evening of a show, in the Trinity Square car park opposite The Playhouse. A pass, available from the Box Office, must be displayed.