The Playhouse Theatre, Preston

Great amateur theatre, right in the heart of Preston


RUMOURS (The British Version)

A comedy by Neil Simon, directed by Dennis Yardley


17th to 20th January 2018


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Ken and Chris have found their host Charley, a prominent Government official, in his bedroom, too dazed to speak, with a bullet wound in his ear lobe!


Len and Claire arrive, themselves injured in a car crash, and are soon joined by Ernest and Cookie, Glen and Cassie, each with their own problems.


A second, accidental gunshot leaves Ken temporarily deaf, the police arrive and Len has to pretend he is Charley, concocting a touching and fantastic explanation...






Ticket prices Wednesday £8 & £7, Thursday to Saturday £9 & £8


All evening performances begin at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) unless otherwise stated.


Free parking is available for patrons on the evening of a show, in the Trinity Square car park opposite The Playhouse. A pass, available from the Box Office, must be displayed.