The Playhouse Theatre, Preston

Great amateur theatre, right in the heart of Preston



A comedy by Eric Chappell, directed by Marilyn Brandwood-Spencer


25th to 28th October 2017


Comedian and national treasure, Dave Thursby, has died and it's the day of his funeral.


Harvey, his script writer with his wife Vi, together with Kevin, his agent, and Kevin's wife Jane are in attendance.


Laura, Dave's glamorous widow, has arranged a funeral to remember, with the predictable horse drawn hearse and a fly past by the local aero club.


Then there is a mysterious uninvited stranger who turns out to be Kay, Dave's ex-wife from before he was famous.


A series of secrets are revealed about Dave's dodgy past and recent philandering with all the guests asking themselves if they ever really knew the real Dave.



Harvey Barrett

Peter Howarth

Vi Barrett

Theresa Pollard

Kevin Prewitt

Andy Musson

Jane Prewitt

Kitty Briggs

Laura Thursby

Carol Caine


Kate Haworth



Ticket prices Wednesday £9 & £8, Thursday to Saturday £10 & £9


All evening performances begin at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) unless otherwise stated.


Free parking is available for patrons on the evening of a show, in the Trinity Square car park opposite The Playhouse. A pass, available from the Box Office, must be displayed.